Knee Pain Reduction
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Our Focus on Pain Relief, Accelerated Muscle Recovery & Joint-Unloading is redefining what the word “Brace” means.

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The Guardian Rehabilitator ®

Years of Clinical Research Studies done by leading research labs & Journals

Journal of Knee

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Knee Un-loading and Stability

The Guardian Rehabilitator ® uses pneumatic bladders at the knee joint to provide superior knee support, stability and custom knee joint alignment allowing optimal pain relief.

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The quick release buckles are a simple and convenient approach to fitting the Guardian Rehabilitator®.  The buckles allow you to easily apply the Rehabilitator® in less than 15 seconds after an initial fit.  Taking it off? Quick and easy!

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Reverse Muscle Atrophy

Knee Osteoarthritis, injury, and surgery often lead to leg muscle atrophy. The Guardian Rehabilitator’s patented Swing Assist has been clinically proven to strengthen the quadricep muscles on average by 54% and hamstring muscles on average by 28% in 90 days.

Increase in Quadriceps strength  after 90 days of use
Increase in hamstring strength after 90 Days
Activate your Quadriceps
Increase the Strength of your leg before TKA
Lower the chance of Atrophy

Dynamic Conformability
Sculpts to your Muscles.

Made from Reinforced High Strength ABS, the Rehabilitator confroms to your leg as you move preventing Brace Migration.

Soft & Easy frame materials
Conform to your leg
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Easy To Maintain. Washes in minutes

All pads and straps are easily removed allowing for easy cleaning and refreshing. The Conformable  material offers a breathable experience and is easily maintainable even when you do Intense physical activities.

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